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Obituary for Dale Brian Moore

Dale Brian Moore (62) departed too soon from us on February 19th of 2023. He was born and raised in Winamac Indiana, just a few years back it seems like, but time really does fly if you're not watching closely. Still, what matters is how you spend the time you have, and Dale did that exceedingly well. It speaks volumes that those of us close to him laughed about treasured memories as much as we shed so many tears in those final days.

We remember Dale as the approachable guy who, it seemed, is either your very good friend or soon would be. He enjoyed conversation, especially learning from and about other people. His humor and unpretentious nature lifted everyone around him. Everything just seemed better with his presence added.

Underneath all the light heartedness was a more serious side, someone who could always be counted upon to be there. Dale was emblematic of what a working man should strive to be. He had a profoundly strong work ethic that served him and his family well in his career. He served in the US Navy for 6 years after high school and worked several jobs before landing on his career servicing office equipment throughout Texas.

Dale was a family first guy. He is survived by: his wife - Son, his daughters - Jamie, Nicole, and Amelia, and his grandkids - Isla and Graham, around whom he built his life. Dale and Son enjoyed a marriage of nearly 40 years, holding together through thick and thin. Son talks of the simple kindness he would show every single day, Just little things like gifts and small expressions of affection. Dale sacrificed greatly in support of his kids - the girls can tell many stories of how he would drop everything to come to their aid. He readily shifted his schedule around theirs to help them build their lives.

Dale loved working with his hands, fishing, and many different sports. Every room in his house is filled with something of his crafting, and he loved any excuse to do woodworking. It helps to understand that Dale picked his house based, at least in part, on the presence of a fishing hole within walking distance. Dale followed a lot of different sports, being an avid sports radio listener during many of his long drives. It's gratifying to know that his Cubs did, at long last, win the world series.

Dale's sense of humor pervaded all things in his life and is perhaps the thing that endears him to us the most. He loved all humorous things, but he seemed to gravitate to low brow humor the most. Bad movies, comedy shows, and numerous Dad jokes were, of course, part of the repertory. His proclivity for terrible horror flicks, terrible sci-fi, or terrible sci-fi horror seemed to stand out though. Once you figured out that it was about the laughs, the chance to participate with humorous critique and to build running jokes that could be shared over and over, bringing you to tears over and over - it clicks.

He is already sorely missed, but will live on in the many ways he has touched so many of us. He's not done lifting us up quite yet.