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Obituary for Bridget Jillian Clifford


Bridget Jillian Clifford, Austin Texas died Wednesday June 8, 2022 at St David's Hospital in Austin, Texas. Bridget was born in Wichita, Kansas, February 12, 1978.

She is the daughter of Kenneth and Kathleen Clifford, Austin, Texas.

Bridget graduated from Kapaun Mt Carmel High School is Wichita, Kansas. She graduated from the University OF Kansas with an undergraduate degree in English and earned a Masters Degree from Kansas State University in creative writing.

Bridget had two rescue dogs and was passionate about the love and care of animals.

She loved being outdoors.

She loved reading.

She loved gardening.

She loved the smell of books.

She loved art and was very creative.

She was an accomplished beekeeper.

She is survived by her parents Kenneth and Kathleen Clifford, Austin, Texas and her brother Mathew Clifford and his wife Stacy Clifford, Edina, Minnesota.

Bridget loved being part of a huge extended family and had many friends whom she loved dearly. She was very loyal and loving to all her family and friends.

Bridget lived a life of compassion and kindness which she extended to everyone.

In lieu of flowers, please honor Bridget' s memory of caring for animals by donating to a fund set upon in her honor at The Austin Humane Society, a no kill shelter.

You can donate in a several ways to The Austin Humane Society.

1. Checks can be sent to

Austin Humane Society

124 West Anderson Lane

Austin, Texas 78752

Please make note that the donation is in Bridget Clifford's honor

2.Go to

Click on donate

Click on tribute

Note that the donation is in honor of Bridget Clifford

PayPal and credit cards are accepted